AB Inventech A/S acts as a professional and innovative business partner throughout the entire project phase. We see projects through to the very end, and ensure that they meet your expectations before we hand them over. This highly-professional commitment means that we have a long list of satisfied customers, some of whom we can introduce below

rotek A/S


To improve competitiveness and keep up with the large volume of orders, Rotek A/S needed to minimise production costs.

In collaboration with AB Inventech A/S, the company built a machining cell; a fully automated system for the manufacture of PEHD threaded pipes and PEHD filter pipes for groundwater inspections.

The system performs a variety of machining processes such as producing Acme threads for plain-end screws, grooving, deburring, etc.

"Operational reliability means that Rotek A/S can operate evening and night shifts without having to monitor operators," says Production Manager Johnny Høy, Rotek A/S.

foamtex A/S


In recent years, AB Inventech A/S has helped to develop and optimise production for foamtex a-s, a company involved in the production of carpet backing, dyeing, tip shearing and specialist treatments for carpets.

"Through an open and innovative development environment, as an AB Inventech customer, we can follow the development process very closely and thus get the ideal equipment, at the agreed price," says Director Bruno Gade Nielsen, foamtex a-s.

Jensen food A/S


Demand for spare ribs increased so rapidly that Jensen Foods A/S invested in a high-speed packaging system that was developed by AB Inventech A/S.

The system has been designed to pack spare ribs in the well-known sleeve packaging and then pack them into boxes and load the boxes onto pallets.

"The system was developed in close cooperation with AB Inventech," says Production Manager Morten Sørensen, adding:

"The result was a highly reliable system with a very large capacity, which is necessary for our production of seasonal products."